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AVERE organises and hosts webinars and events on key topics related to the mass deployment of electromobility as the way forward to zero-emissions transports.

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STEAM Event – Goodenough batteries: Lithium and the European supply chain strategy – 23 November 2022

The electrification of Europe’s road transport is a commonly accepted reality – and with it a need for critical raw materials such as Lithium and rare earth minerals to build the Lithium-Ion Batteries powering Europe’s electric vehicles.

To ensure this need is met, EU policy initiatives such as the upcoming Raw Materials Act must strike a careful balance between supply chain diversification, identifying and acquiring reliable long-term partners, and proper incentives and regulatory conditions for domestic production, where feasible. Raw materials for European EV Batteries must be sourced sustainably and with respect for the environment and the people involved in or affected by their extraction, refining, transport, and recycling.

AVERE’s event brought together industry representatives from all along the Lithium and Battery Value Chain, civil society representatives and key European decision-makers to discuss how Europe can scale up its domestic battery production quickly and sustainably.


2035: Thriving & Driving after the ICE Age – 23 November 2022

2035 is a pivotal year for road transport: the sales of Internal Combustion Engine vehicles will cease across the European Union. It is the year that marks the end of the ICE age.

This is the epochal change we need to address climate change and be in line with the targets of COP20: companies building and selling road vehicles must prepare for this change and move forward once it takes place. AVERE set a vision of how this should be done, putting e-mobility at the centre of the future of sustainable transport.

Our members see this vision as providing a roadmap for the following steps to guide their commitment and show them how to address key points to guarantee the success of the European electric vehicle manufacturing sector.

AVERE welcomed its vehicles members’ directors and managers in Brussels on November 23 to discuss how they see this vision.


STEAM Event – Joule for Weights: Electricity as a means for Heavy Duty Vehicles’ Decarbonisation – 19 October 2022

Trucks, lorries, buses and coaches make our daily lives function smoothly. However, they are also responsible for about a quarter of CO2 emissions from road transport in the EU and some 6% of total EU emissions. Their full decarbonisation is a precondition for the EU’s aim of reaching climate neutrality in 2050.

The European Commission is poised to present revised CO2 Emissions Standards for Heavy Duty Vehicles. The industry and civil society have prepared for this legislative change and have developed proposals and solutions to ensure Europe’s Heavy Duty Vehicles become Emissions free by 2050.

Against this background, the event brought them together to discuss what is needed and what are the next steps to achieve this objective.

STEAM Webinar – Watt-ever it takes: making our buildings EV friendly – 23 September 2022

Over the past decade, electromobility has been steadily growing in Europe, with large numbers of electric vehicles arriving on the roads.

As more than 70% of all energy is charged at home or the office in Europe, we must ensure that residential and non-residential buildings become enablers of the transition towards electromobility.

As a response to this, the European Commission published, in December 2021, a revision proposal of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, which includes further provisions to support the roll-out of private charging stations for electric vehicles.

The goal of this webinar was to take stock of the changes proposed by the Commission, the European Parliament lawmakers’ views and the demands of the private stakeholders and EV users.

HEV TCP Task 40 CRM4EV: Final webinar – 29 April 2022

Final Event Agenda

You can download the speakers’ presentations here 



AVERE Webinar – Electrifying Mining – 19 July 2021

Electrifying possibilities and opportunities are reaching different industries. AVERE is pleased to share with you views from the mining industry on how also they go for electrification.

BHP, Rio Tinto and Vale – three of the world’s largest mining and metal producers along with other ten mining companies have joined forces to initiate this exciting new collaboration, the Charge On Innovation Challenge.

Addressing climate goals needs to be at the core of the mining industry efforts. There is a global challenge for technology innovators from all industries to develop new interoperable solutions that can assist in the electrification of mobile mining equipment. This initiative will be a great opportunity for key stakeholders to bring forward new ideas and encourage innovative technology developments to help solve one of the greatest challenges facing mining today.

AVERE Webinar – Towards a business case for V2G – 9 June 2021

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technologies enable bidirectional charging between electric vehicles and the energy grid system, balancing frequency regulation and load. It has the potential of significantly improving the financial viability of electric mobility.

These technologies’ primary goal is to provide stability to the energy grid and optimise the economic benefits of owning an EV. In this webinar, we explored and offered real-life demonstrations of the state of the art of V2G hubs.

You can download the speakers’ presentations here 

AVERE Webinar – State of Play on the AFID – 19 May 2021

The upcoming revision of the Alternative Fuels Directive (AFID) is absolutely key to phasing out ICE vehicles by 2030, and to fully decarbonising road transport by 2050.

Binding targets for each member state are needed to ensure Europe can deliver on its climate commitments. The charging environment across Europe must also be more consumer-friendly, seamless, interoperable, and easy-to-understand for everyone.

This webinar took a deeper look at what we can expect from the AFID, and how it will be key to supporting the uptake of e-mobility.

You can download the speakers’ presentations here

AVERE Webinar – Clean air and NOx emissions from vehicles – 21 April 2021

Transportation is a major source of air pollution, particularly in cities. We must act now to limit its impact on public health.

This webinar looked at how nitrogen oxides occur in vehicle exhaust, as well as other emissions from breaks and tires. Why are they harmful? How can they be controlled in vehicles? What are some of the challenges and solutions to regulating them? Our experts discussed these topics and potential solutions to these issues.

You can download the speakers’ presentations here 

AVERE Webinar – The Lifecycle of EV Batteries – 17 March 2021

In this webinar we discussed the significance of the European Commission proposal for the Battery Regulation, the situation in Asia and gave a specific example of sustainable production and recycling of Graphite in Europe.

This webinar was organised in collaboration with Taskforce 40 “Critical Raw Materials for Electric Vehicles” (CRM4EV​) of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Technology Collaboration Programme “Hybrid and Electric Vehicle” (HEV). The Operating Agent of IEA HEV Task40 is Mr Bert Witkamp.

With the fast-growing market for EVs, the sustainability requirements of battery manufacturing, ethical sourcing of raw materials and facilitating reuse, repurposing and recycling becomes a critical success factor.

You can download the speakers presentations here

AVERE Webinar – Phase-Out Targets by Local Governments – 17 February 2021

This webinar explored the reasons for banning the further sale of fossil fuel vehicles like reducing health risks from pollution particulates, meeting national greenhouse gas, such as CO2, targets. It also looked at cities that provide the best examples, like the City of Oslo, which is a leader in this trend.

The mobility transition is not only changing the power source of cars (from fossil fuels to renewable power sources) but the entire mobility system of cities to one of walkability, complete streets, public transit, electrified railways and bicycle infrastructure.

You can download the speakers’ presentations here 

Joint Webinar – Towards Sustainable Mobility in Africa – 21 October 2020

The South African uYilo e-Mobility Programme and AVERE are happy to present the joint webinar “Towards Sustainable Mobility in Africa”.

The growing regional integration of Africa allows goods and people to move around more swiftly. This could present new opportunities to kick-start Africa’s electromobility sector. In this context, comprehensive and strategic partnerships between the EU and Africa could also provide solutions to increase the continent’s industrial competitiveness.

In this webinar our associations discussed the best ways in which Africa can harness the opportunities to move towards sustainable transport across the continent in ways that boost the competitiveness of its industries

AVERE Webinar – The World Electric Vehicles Journal – 15 July 2020


The World Electric Vehicle Journal (WEVJ) is the first peer-reviewed international scientific journal that covers all studies related to battery, hybrid, and fuel cell electric vehicles comprehensively.

This webinar gave an overview of the latest research in these areas and link it to the EVS33 plans as well as introduce EVS34.

You can download the speakers’ presentations here 

EAFO Webinar – News and Updates – 8 July 2020

This webinar presented the latest developments of the European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO): following an introduction on its consortium, we discussed the latest news, NPF targets, new graphs, as well as the updates to the fuel station maps.

We also delved into the EAFO research and academic papers. The EAFO partner ICCT Europe, represented by Senior Researcher Dr. Sandra Wappelhorst, discussed the electric vehicle uptake and charging infrastructure deployment in Europe in light of the European Green Deal. Her presentation compared electric vehicle uptake and public charging infrastructure deployment.

Philippe Vangeel, Secretary general of AVERE, provided insights from a new study on the market for EV charging prices (presentation available here) , which was followed by an interactive Q&A session.

AVERE Webinar – Inductive charging: The future of the e-mobility sector? – 1 July 2020

Wireless charging holds great potential as it will make electric vehicles more autonomous and efficient, providing consumers with a clear choice when it comes to sustainability, efficiency and comfort.

What are the newest technologies for wireless charging? When are going to see new EV models equipped with these technologies on the market? What are the main barriers to overcome? Our webinar explored these and other questions through the insights of companies specialized in manufacturing these new models.

You can download the speakers’ presentations here 

SEEV4-City Stakeholders Validation Webinar – How to make the charging infrastructure and local electricity grids future-proof? – 24 June 2020

During this webinar, that took place on June 24 2020 from 15.00 to 17.00, the participants had the opportunity to gain insights and have a say on the list of recommendations SEEV4-City partners propose for seamless integration of smart charging and V2X concepts to boost the uptake of the clean vehicles as well as harmonisation of energy and mobility plans.

The partners sought inputs and validation before and during the webinar as they hoped to contribute to making the charging infrastructure and associated aspects in your cities cheaper, more efficient and future-proof.

You can find more information and download the speakers’ presentations here

AVERE Webinar – Did You Know You Can Retrofit Your Car to Electric Today? – 17 June 2020

In this webinar we looked at how it is possible and convenient to retrofit fossil-fuel vehicles so to convert them to electric vehicles. This industry has developed to provide one more solution for consumers to have clean transportation without having to discard their existing car, making access to electric mobility easier and at times more convenient

We have asked to two top level companies working in this area to join us:

– Andreas Hager, CEO of e-troFit GmbH (starts at 00.02.14)/ presentation here
– Jesper Thuno, Managing Director of E-Cap Mobility DK ApS (starts at 00.36.25)

AEC2020 Launch Event – Will the COVID-19 crisis open the door to a more ambitious zero-emission transport agenda? – 3 June 2020

The event addressed how we can ensure the economic recovery is coupled with green solutions that help address climate change – for transport that means zero-emission mobility.

  • Where can we invest to get the greenest solutions available to citizens?
  • What infrastructure can we develop to help the mass uptake of electromobility?
  • How can regulation like AFID help?

The webinar also introduced the key topics of the upcoming AVERE E-mobility Conference 2020 in November, that will take place online (18 November) and in the European Parliament in Brussels (19 November).

You can find more information and download the speakers’ presentations here 

SEEV4-City Webinar – What Policies Do We Need for the Future? – 20 May 2020



The last SEEV4-City webinar focused on regulatory and policy recommendations that will enable electromobility to be further boosted in Europe with the support of renewable energy sources and the smart and efficient use of energy infrastructures.

You can find more information and download the speakers’ presentations here

SEEV4-City Webinar – Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Smart Charging: the future symbiosis between emission-free transport and sustainable energy infrastructure – 6 May 2020

In recent years new technologies have been developed that can help maximize the synergies between electric vehicles and local renewable energy sources.

SEEV4-City explored these opportunities in practice as part of its approach to A Smarter Electricity Grid for People, Planet & Profit: the electricity grid is used as an energy buffer, on both a daily and a seasonal scale. Across Europe investments in renewable energy production and charging infrastructure for electric vehicles are growing – it is fundamental to see how they can work together.

You can find more information and download the speakers’ presentations here

SEEV4-City Webinar – Insights of the project: 6 pilot projects that pave the way for smart electric mobility solutions – 22 April 2020


The EU-financed project SEEV4-City is now coming to a close. What was the start point 5 years ago and where are we now? The pilot projects are the demonstration point of smart electric mobility solutions. How do we integrate renewable energy sources?

This webinar presents the lessons learned throughout the project’s execution of its six pilot projects.

You can find more information and download the speakers’ presentations here

AVERE Webinar – Raw Materials Supply Chain for EV Batteries – 9 April 2020

In this webinar we covered the main discussions about the future of EV battery raw materials supply chain. These include critical minerals like Lithium, Cobalt, Graphite and Rare Earth Element. The topics covered ranged from their short to long-term availability to how to make the extraction of the materials environmentally and socially fully sustainable.

Download the webinar’s presentation here

AVERE Webinar – EV Charging and the European Alternative Fuel Observatory (EAFO) – 2 April 2020

In this webinar we present the work of the European Alternative Fuel Observatory (EAFO), the ongoing research on pricing and business model for EV charging in Europe, the challenges to this research, and their future in the framework of making charging easier and more convenient in Europe.

Download the webinar’s presentation here

AVERE Webinar – The Revision of the EU Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive – 26 March 2020

The revision of the EU Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Directive (AFID) is on its way. In this webinar, we presented  what the EU plans for the future of EV infrastructure, what is at stake and our vision for a transparent, consumer-friendly zero-emission infrastructure.

Download the webinar’s presentation here

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