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In anticipation of the scaling up of the E-mobility sector in the next 5 years, in light of the EU green deal and the overall ambition to decarbonise Europe by 2050 laid down by the new EU Commission the following Working Groups are currently running in order to ensure that AVERE can fill the knowledge gap in Brussels in the foreseeing period. They cover both policy-related and technical-related topics. 


1.Working Group on Infrastructure

WG Infrastructure focuses on upcoming regulation related to the charging infrastructure market, notably the revised Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR) and the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).  It also addresses technical charging infrastructure concerns such as data, cybersecurity, and communication protocols.


2.Working Group on Emissions

WG Emissions focuses on all key files through which the EU aims to drive the uptake of true zero-emissions mobility, notably CO2 and Euro 7 emissions standards, as well as the ETS. It also addresses the Renewable Energy Directive as a key tool to ensure EVs are powered by renewable energy.


3.Working Group on Batteries

The focus of WG Batteries is to follow legislation related to batteries and raw materials, as well as involvement in European level battery stakeholder platforms. This also includes developing AVERE’s position on how to increase the sustainability of the batteries value chain.


4.Working Group on Motor Vehicles Regulation 

AVERE is an official consultative expert involved in relevant technical working groups that form globally harmonized vehicle regulations within the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), as well as being a member of the EU Commission’s Motor Vehicles Working Group (MVWG). AVERE’s efforts and positions for these regulatory fora are coordinated within this internal working group, with workstreams divided between different taskforces – for example autonomous driving, data and cybersecurity, and batteries.

As such AVERE has set up an internal workgroup for its members, divided into different taskforces, to coordinate its efforts and positions.


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