Expert Groups

AVERE is active in different expert groups both at European and international levels:

EU Sustainable Transport Forum (STF)

AVERE is an active member in the European Commission’s Sustainable Transport Forum’s (STF) working group. In our role, we advise the Commission and provide them with relevant information needed for its activities aimed at fostering the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure needed for the EU’s overarching decarbonisation goals.

AVERE is a member of two experts sub-groups that are part of the Sustainable Transport Forum, the group advising on best practices for public authorities to foster the creation of new charging infrastructures and the group working to define the approach to data concerning alternative fuels.

EU Motor Vehicles Working Group (MVWG)

The EU Motor Vehicles Working Group is a platform to liaise with the Commission and other industry stakeholders on issues related to type approval of motor vehicles, access to data and vehicles, connected mobility, and a variety of other technical and policy-related issues. In the Motor Vehicles Working Group (MVWG), AVERE provides input from the overarching e-mobility sector and advises on Group’s work programme.

EU Working Group on Motorcycles

AVERE works with the various industry stakeholders and the Commission within the Motorcycles Working Group to advise on technical type approval legislation and eco-efficient acts related to motorcycles, pedelecs, and L-Category vehicles.

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