Our Global Network

AVERE is a globally renown association gathering expertise in electromobility. Its reputation, coupled with decades of activity, has allowed it to build a solid network of collaborations.

Specifically, AVERE works with privileged partners to champion the cause of electromobility globally. These partners are the most prominent EV continental and global associations in existence: the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) in the Americas and the Electric Vehicle Association of Asia Pacific (EVAAP) in Asia-Pacific.

AVERE, together with them, composes WEVA – The World Electric Vehicle Association.

AVERE’s Members benefit hugely from these partnerships as it allows them to extend their contacts, reach and influence well beyond the borders of Europe, positioning them to be active and relevant on a world scale.


WEVA – The World Electric Vehicle Association





Launched in 1990, the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) is a non-profit organization with the objective of promoting the research, development and deployment of electric drive vehicles. WEVA organizes the International Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS) series, the World Electric Vehicle Journal, and bestows the E-Visionary Award upon cities that are leading the charge in electric drive promotion and deployment across the world.

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