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AVERE’s Team

The bureau is the main governing body of AVERE. It sets its priorities and provides the strategic perspective and goals.

Espen Hauge

Espen Hauge is the President of the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA) and of AVERE – the European Association for Electromobility, and also President of the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association.

He has been engaged on the EV scene for 15 years. Under his leadership the Norwegian Association has grown exponentially, AVERE has celebrated successful international events like EVS30 in Stuttgart 2017, AEC2018 in Brussels, and WEVA has launched the World Electric Vehicle Journal – the first scientific journal for electric vehicles.

His career also includes project management, engineering, and research and development, with management experience from the oil and energy industry, and in construction, working for global companies such as ABB and GE, as well as for the City of Oslo.

Baerte de Brey

Baerte de Brey works at  Stedin,  a  Dutch  DSO.  Responsible for analyzing the long-term effect of electric mobility on the electricity grids,  Baerte helps to build a sustainable business case around this transition.  This includes  vehicle2grids, solving regulatory barriers and cybersecurity.

He graduated from Leiden  University in  2001  with a  law degree and received an MBA from  Nyenrode  Business University in  2006.

On behalf of  Stedin,  he is one of the executive board members of ElaadNL. ElaadNL is a collaboration of the Dutch DSO’s and the knowledge and innovation centre in the field of (smart)  charging infrastructure.  As an expert for the  European Commission, he sometimes reviews collective European programs concerning  EV interoperability and smart charging.  In his spare time, he is an elected member of the  Provincial  Council of  Utrecht.

Patrik Krizansky

Patrik has more than 15 years of experience in innovative companies and international projects focused on electric mobility, renewables, and energy efficiency. He is the managing partner of Enairgy, a consultancy in e-mobility and renewables, and a managing partner of Espio, a technology startup focused on graphene-based sensors.

Patrik co-founded and currently leads the Slovak Electric Vehicle Association as its Director. He hosts a podcasts dedicated to clean and electrified mobility (Na plny prud).

Patrik is an alumnus of the Executive MBA program at Carlson School of Management, the University of Minnesota, and WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. He also holds a Master’s degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy from Matej Bel University, Slovakia

Maciej Mazur

Maciej Mazur is the Managing Director of PSPA

A seasoned professional in the energy sector and economic issues, he has been present on the alternative market sector since 2012, especially in relation to electric energy (electromobility). Among his many experiences, he was involved in the development of the largest infrastructural investments in Poland as well as consulting for companies from the oil&gas, automotive, financial and FMCG sectors.

Maciej Mazur is a graduate of International Relations (specialized in International Trade Practices) at the Warsaw University. He also holds an MBA diploma and is now in the process of completing a Ph.D. in economics. He is an author of numerous publications in the fields of energy and social communications and a speaker at many industry debates and conferences.

Arturo Pérez de Lucia

Arturo Pérez de Lucia is the Managing Director of AEDIVE, the Iberian eMobility Cluster wich gathers the industrial, technolocial and services value chain of the electric vehicle market, with more than 150 companies and more than 100 public institutions.

He studied a degree in Information Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid and worked for more than 20 years as Editorial Director of several professional publications in fields like Energy Efficiency, Logistics, Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Mobility.

He was Communication and Marketing manager of Energy Engineerings aswell and since 2011 has led, since its founding, AEDIVE, an association with a strong natonal representativeness but an international vocation in Europe and Latinamerica aswell.

In addition, he teaches training in various Masters of Energy Efficiency and Mobility in Spain and Latin America.


Philippe Vangeel
Secretary General

With great technology and brilliant people, Philippe Vangeel found his way as Secretary General in one of the fastest changing and growing technologies: e-mobility.

In electronics by background, Philippe has always worked as a manager in the sector. Strong of 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, he brought a practical outlook to the association that enabled it to seize the moment: his vision is to make AVERE a protagonist in the growth of the e-mobility sector. In his five years, the AVERE’s membership grew significantly, while the association affirmed itself as the go-to expert for e-mobility in Europe.

As part of his broader approach, he also ensured that the entire e-mobility value chain would get visibility through AVERE. He made it the potential home of every player in the sector, from companies extracting the materials to build EVs, to vehicles manufacturers, charging point operators and final consumers.

His native language is Flemish, he is fluent in English and French, and is happy to help you in Norwegian and German.


Eric-Mark Huitema
Director-General Vehicles

His strong belief in Sustainable Mobility motivated Eric-Mark Huitema to share his international experience as Director General and CEO, to join AVERE. He now leads the AVERE Vehicle Branch as the Director-General Vehicles.  His goal is to create synergy between future-oriented vehicle manufacturers, focus on electromobility, and the respectful association AVERE is for the benefit of electric vehicle users.

Eric-Mark is comfortable leading and transforming start-ups and global executive teams, motivating while managing. His experience in the Automotive, Travel & Transportation, IT Services, and the Internet industry, as well as automotive associations, will help him to create a strong Vehicle team with the members at AVERE.

Before his AVERE appointment, he was the Director-General at ACEA. He was the Global Smarter Transportation Leader at IBM, focussing on optimised mobility solutions for governments, smart cities, and the private sector. He is a Dutch national and studied technical chemistry at Delft University of Technology and business and sales administration at INSEAD

Thomas Neumann
Policy Manager

As AVERE’s Policy Manager, Thomas leads our association’s work on all EU policy developments relevant to the deployment of electromobility.

A German national, he last worked as a public affairs consultant in Brussels, focussing primarily on energy and climate issues. He also completed a traineeship in the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Trade.

Thomas has lived, worked and studied in four European countries. He holds a master’s degree in International and European Governance from Leiden University.



Raphael Héliot
Policy Officer



Raphael is a Policy Officer at AVERE where he works on all EU policy developments regarding the deployment of electromobility.

He has two years of experience in Brussels, where he worked as public affairs consultant in charge of Transport, Energy and Climate-related issues.

Originally from France, Raphaël has studied and worked in six countries. He notably pursued his Bachelor in International Relations at the Université de Montréal in Canada.

An EU enthusiast, Raphael decided to come back to the old continent for his first Master’s which focused on European Studies at the Institute for European Studies (ULB) in Brussels. On top of that, Raphael graduated from the College of Europe in Natolin where his studies focused on European energy policy and the European Neighborhood Policy.

He speaks French, English and Italian and he is learning Spanish and Dutch.

George van der Hilst
Senior Advisor Business Development & Membership

George van der Hilst is the lead in connecting the network in electromobility for AVERE.

With an extensive background in commercial diplomacy and demonstrated history of working with foreign and public affairs George brings the international relations for AVERE to the next level.

George has been a Strategic Advisor for the last years for i.a. cities, European regions and ministries. As part of the Economic Board, he was responsible for the stimulation of trade, innovation and cooperation between companies, knowledge-based institutions and governmental organizations. Before George worked as a Commercial Diplomat.

George developed a broad knowledge of the e-mobility aspects and its challenges.

Vittoria Montanaro
Project Officer



Vittoria Montanaro is AVERE’s Project Officer . Her work focuses on the association’s role in multiple EU-funded  Projects aiming to foster e-mobility across Europe.

She has worked for both profit and non-profit environments in EU funding Project Management, especially in Cohesion Fund, Interreg, Erasmus + and Horizon 2020.

Vittoria graduated from the University of Bologna (Alma Mater Studiorum) as a Programming Expert in Development Projects in 2020.

She then attended a post-graduate Master in Advanced European Studies at Centre International de Formation Européenne (CIFE), where her EU funding project management expertise met EU policy advisory skills.

To pursue her career and academic growth, she has been living in France, the Czech Republic, Germany and Turkey.

She speaks English and French fluently, but also some basics of Russian and Turkish.

Romain Denayer


Romain Denayer started as a part-time coordinator at AVERE (and EV Belgium) and supports the AVERE team in all activities related to electromobility deployment.

He has two years of experience in public affairs and communication. He worked as a reputation and crisis communication consultant for companies active in the mobility, energy and health industries.

Born and raised in Belgium, Romain graduated from the Institute for European Studies (ULB) and has a master’s in Political Science and a master’s in Interdisciplinary EU studies. After a brief internship at the Belgian Federal Parliament, he completed an internship at the EU federation for medical technology in Brussels.

He is fluent in Dutch, French and English.

AVERE’s Board

The AVERE Board guides the management of the association, helping to define priorities and actions to take. It represents our broad ecosystem of national associations, companies and other members..

Espen Hauge
Norwegian EV Association (Norway)
Vice President
Baerte de Brey
Formula E-Team (The Netherlands)
Vice President
Maciej Mazur
PSPA (Poland)
Vice President
Arturo Pérez de Lucia
AEDIVE (Spain)
Vice President
Patrik Krizansky
SEVA (Slovakia)
Board Member
Mihai Neacsu
AVER (Romania)
Board Member
An De Pauw
AVERE Belgium (Belgium)
Board Member
Anhelina Lavreniuk
AVERE Ukraine (Ukraine)
Board Member
Janos Ungar
EA (Hungary)
Board Member
Francesco Naso
Motus-E (Italy)
Board Member
Marjolaine Blondeau

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