Vision and Mission


AVERE’s Vision

Europe is experiencing a substantial shift to electromobility. AVERE aims to help support this transition to electrification and establish the right policy frameworks throughout Europe to ensure that effective business models can take advantage of this development.

AVERE’s electromobility vision for Europe is:

  • A strong electromobility industry;

Electromobility is growing across the continent as the real new technology for sustainable transportation. Industry will be a key player in providing innovative and affordable technologies for mass market uptake.

We believe European and national legislation should provide the best framework for the industry to thrive and make sure that electromobility can be enjoyed by everyone.

  • Clean, quiet and healthy cities;

Electric vehicles produce significantly less pollution compared to carbon fuel-based transportation. Moreover, electric technologies are almost noise-free. These two factors alone allow for a considerably healthier environment than other technologies.

This is particularly important in urban environments, where a large part of the European population lives or will live.

  • Energy-efficient transport;

The technology behind electric vehicles makes for much more efficient use of energy. An example is electric vehicle-driven trains, which have a reduced energy need of 50-80% compared to internal combustion engines, due mainly to the superior efficiency of the electric motor.

Using our resources in the most efficient ways is vital as we are moving towards a society that risks facing a scarcity of them. Progress towards electromobility can only contribute to our savings.

  • Independence of fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are the root cause of many environmental problems threatening our societies, chief among which is climate change. We need to move beyond the use of such fuels, and electromobility provides an affordable, safe and sustainable alternative that can coexist with our current living standards.


AVERE’s Mission

AVERE has the objective to promote the widespread use of electromobility in general and electric vehicles in particular in Europe and Africa.

Its field of activity comprises everything with regard to electric road vehicles.

In particular, the association aims at:

AVERE, recognised by its members as the representative body at the European level in the field of electric vehicles, acts in close co-operation with the European Institutions and with other international authorities.

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