Our Added Value


AVERE is a unique association in its structure and network. It is characterised by an almost twofold nature that defines an exceptional profile and that truly provides concrete added-value to its Members.

On one hand, AVERE is a recognised actor in the discussion and developments of EU policies related specifically to electromobility. At the same time, it follows the ongoing conversations around the evolution of the environment and energy sectors more broadly at European level.

Its voice is heard at the highest level of the policymaking world and its advice is often requested in providing an informed and technical opinion on key policy issues.

On the other hand, AVERE is a renown space for the exchange of ideas, experience and opinions among all actors in electromobility, including top academics, prominent companies, and influential national associations.

AVERE acts as the hub at the centre of these different worlds, making it the developing ground of innovative ideas, technologies and strategies. Its two main events, EVS and the AEC, are attended by thousands from all over the world.

It should be clear these two aspects go hand-in-hand. Its extensive network of experts makes it the reliable voice that is listened to by policy-makers, while its presence at the heart of the EU provides a real space for enabling the practical implementation of innovative ideas and concepts developed within the network.


Leveraging This Added-Value

AVERE leverages its added-value by focusing on the following tasks:

  • Engaging, through advocacy, the EU’s and its Member States’ policy-makers to support electromobility.
  • Gathering intelligence and sharing information on behalf of and amongst AVERE Members.
  • Ensuring that electromobility projects and solutions are able to access financing and funding at EU level.
  • Providing visibility for members vis-à-vis the European Institutions in Brussels.
  • Organising large-scale congresses in order to bring industry, academia, and policymakers together to find the solutions to key barriers of e-mobility growth in Europe.
  • Building information and data on electromobility at EU level.
  • Collaborating with other organisations and the press to promote electromobility across Europe.

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