Membership Benefits

AVERE is a membership-based association and, as such, it aims to provide the best value to its Members.
Our Members are the backbone of the organisation, as their expertise, knowledge and network are of incredible support to the European and international activities of the association.
Our Members enjoy unique benefits as part of their membership package:
They maintain a direct influence in relevant European policy debates.
Their perspectives are always kept in mind and contribute directly to AVERE’s positions on different policy areas.
They have the opportunity to discuss the latest policy proposals, reports and documents from the European Institutions and other relevant stakeholders.
You can join the discussion here.
They have access to a unique network of European and international experts and associations working in the same sector.
As AVERE acts as a hub of information, knowledge and ideas related to electromobility, it is very easy for our members to get in touch with one another or even with other parts of our extended network.
They can become part of consortia of EU-funded projects in which AVERE joins.
AVERE often participates in EU-funded projects consortia, at times as project leader. When a Member has the right expertise for the call, AVERE can ask them to join the consortium.
They are automatically invited to some of the biggest global events on electromobility.
AVERE organises two large conferences, EVS and AEC, taking place on alternating years, that are recognised as leading events in electromobility on a global scale. AVERE’s Members get priority access to these events.
They get international exposure through events and media.
As AVERE’s members provide real expertise on electromobility, the association often provides them platforms with international exposure, both in terms of presenting at events, but also in contact with the international press.
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