Press Release: Let’s jointly build a carbon-free European road transport by phasing-out combustion engine vehicles

Brussels, 17 June 2022 – Following last week’s vote of the European Parliament that confirmed the Commission’s proposal to phase out new registrations of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles by 2035 across the EU, AVERE calls on member state governments to confirm this trajectory as soon as possible so that industry can move into the age of electrified road transport with certainty over the timeline of the transition. We also encourage all industry players that support our vision to join us in advocating for clear legislative aims making e-mobility a reality as quickly as possible.

Phasing out internal combustion engines by 2035 is a necessity to reach the EU’s legally binding 2050 climate aims, given internal combustion engine vehicles sold today often remain on EU roads for 15 years or even longer. It also safeguards European jobs and competitiveness in the long run. 

An increasing number of third countries such as Norway, the UK or Chile are setting targets in line with, or even more ambitious than, those proposed for the EU, and major markets such as the US and China will follow a similar transition trajectory. Delays in transitioning the EU’s vehicle production to EVs would not safeguard jobs, but only ensure that lost jobs are replaced by production abroad.

EU ministers should send a clear signal for the sake of their citizens’ health, their industries’ competitiveness, and future generations’ well-being by confirming an ICE phase-out in 2035 at the latest. A recent AVERE study clearly showed that industry aims are in line with the proposed targets, and hand-in-hand efforts of policy makers and industry representatives are needed to ensure a smooth transition.

AVERE and its members, who represent the entire width of the e-mobility ecosystem – from vehicle manufacturers to charging point operators – have supported a phase-out of internal combustion engines in road transport for a long time. In the face of the industry’s shift towards embracing e-mobility as the new normal, we welcome any EU manufacturers that wish to join us on our path towards a future-proof EU car and van production.

Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General of AVERE, said: “More and more vehicles manufacturers are embracing the shift to electric mobility because they realise that this is the future of their business. If  the automotive industry, charging manufacturers and operators, and EV users join forces, then member states governments cannot ignore our call to future-proof EU road transport.”


AVERE (The European Association for Electromobility) is the European association that promotes electromobility and sustainable transport across Europe.

Our Members consist of Companies, Research Institutions, and National Associations supporting and encouraging the use of Electric Vehicles and electromobility across Europe. We currently have 45 active members, including from some of the most successful EV countries like Norway, France, The Netherlands and Belgium. The association is governed by our Board.

Within these Associations, there are close to 2.600 industry members, ranging from SME’s, OEM’s, and other companies with a commercial interest in electromobility and more than 140.000+ EV users. Furthermore, AVERE’s network includes Users of Electric vehicles, NGOs, Associations, Interest Groups, Public Institutions, Research & Development Centres, Vehicle and Equipment Manufacturers and other relevant Companies. This extends beyond Europe into global outreach.

You can download the factsheet with the AVERE’s Vision for 2050 here: